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Munich, 07.03.2023

Regulatory Affairs Manager (temporary) needed?

We are happy to support your company in the case of short-term personnel needs like parental leave or the temporary absence of individual employees.

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Munich, 25.01.2023

Positive EFA outcome for enzyme application

We are pleased to have once again received a Positive Opinion from the EFSA on an Application for a Food Enzyme containing cellulase and endo-polygalacturonase on behalf of one of our clients.
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Munich, 11.10.2022

New business address - move to Herzog-Heinrich-Straße

In 10 years we have grown quite a bit, from originally two to eight employees.

In the meantime, our sister company, the law firm Meisterernst, also had to spread out over four offices and it was getting cramped in Sophien- / Arcostraße.

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Online, 18.05.2022

New half-day webinar on cosmetic GMP

We are very pleased to share that together with Akademie Fresenius we have designed a new workshop on Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics.
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München, 24.06.2021

Article on the Transparency Regulation now also published in English (EFFL 3/2021): New Rules For Applications to EFSA – Changes Due to the Transparency Regulation

An article by Anna Neusch, Dr. Anne-Marie Orth and Prof. Andreas Meisterernst in the current EFFL (European Food and Feed Law Review; 3/2021).
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Online-Seminar, 10.06.2021

Update Lebensmittelrecht 2021

Akademie Fresenius-Seminar "Update Lebensmittelrecht 2021"

  • Neues aus der EU: u.a. Titandioxid und Zusatzstoff-Evaluierung, Neue Höchstmengen für Kontaminanten, Novel Food-Update
  • Neues aus Deutschland: u.a. Pflanzen- und Pilzliste, Neue Höchstmengenvorschläge für Vitamine und Mineralstoffe
  • Neues aus der Überwachung: u.a. aktuelle Beschlüsse von ALS und ALTS

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München, 08.06.2021

New rules of the game for applications to EFSA - changes due to the Transparency Regulation

An article by Anna Neusch, Dr Anne-Marie Orth and Prof Andreas Meisterernst in the current German Food Law Review (ZLR, 3/2021).

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Munich, 22.12.2020

Merry Christmas

"Die größten Ereignisse, das sind nicht unsere lautesten, sondern unsere stillsten Stunden." -Friedrich Nietzsche-

Die RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH wishes a Merry Christmas, reflective days but also continued health beyond the turn of the year.

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Webinar, 08.12.2020

Nutri-Score®-Kennzeichnung jetzt?!

Diese Tagung liefert Ihnen alle wichtigen Informationen zum topaktuellen Thema.
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Munich, 01.12.2020

Swearing-in of Dr. Anne-Marie Orth as publicly certified expert

Recently, we now have two publicly certified experts for food chemistry. In addition to Dr. Sabina Schneider, who has been able to demonstrate this qualification with a wealth of experience since 2004, Dr. Anne-Marie Orth is now also entitled to use this designation. She was sworn in by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria on 01/12/2020.
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Webinar, 17.11.2020

Basiswissen LMIV und Pflichtkennzeichnung

Kennzeichnung leicht gemacht
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Webinar, 12.11.2020

Grundlagen Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

Akademie Fresenius

Grundlagen der Abgrenzung, Kennzeichnung und Bewerbung

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Webinar, 22.10.2020

14th European Food and Feed Law Conference (EFFL Lexxion)

The EFFL Conference is an established annual event organised under the auspices of the European Food and Feed Law Review, bringing together experts from both the public and the private sector.
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Webinar, 29.09.2020

6. Akademie Fresenius-Fachtagung Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

•    Regulatorischer Rahmen
•    Trends und Produktentwicklung
•    Bewerbung und Vertrieb
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Cologne, 02.07.2020

Akademie Fresenius-Seminar "Update Lebensmittelrecht 2020"

•    Neue nationale und EU-Vorschriften
•    Bewertung und Interpretation der aktuellen Rechtsprechungen
•    Umgang mit den Praktiken der Überwachung und neuen Vorhaben
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Cologne, 01.07.2020

"Nutri-Score®-Kennzeichnung jetzt?!

Diese Tagung liefert Ihnen alle wichtigen Informationen zum topaktuellen Thema.
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Munich, 12.05.2020

Guest lecture at the Technical University Munich about Novel Food

Dr. Anne-Marie Orth will be a guest lecturer in the summer semester 2020 within the lecture "Innovative Technologies for Food"
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Munich, 05.05.2020

Seminar takes place as webinar for the first time

For the first time, the lecture series "Basics of food supplements" was held as a webinar together with Die Akademie Fresenius GmbH.
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Brussels, 25.10.2019

13th European Food and Feed Law Conference (EFFL Lexxion)

The EFFL Conference is an established annual event organised under the auspices of the European Food and Feed Law Review, bringing together experts from both the public and the private sector.
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Mainz, 04.06.2019

9th International Fresenius Conference

Health Claims and FunctionalIngredients

• Update on the Regulatory Background
• Application and Authorisation
• Nutrition and Functional Ingredients

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München, 09.10.2017

Novel Food - Draft of the Union List

The new Novel Food-Regulation shall apply from 1 January 2018.
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München, 08.02.2017

Update of EFSA-Guidance on Health Claims Applications

EFSA now has published its new Scientific and Technical Guidance on health claims applications. It comletes the General Guidance that has been updated last year in a first step.
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München, 11.11.2016

Novel Food - New Guidances from EFSA

EFSA now published two guidances for novel food applications in the context of the new Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2283.
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München, 23.12.2015

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Dear clients, dear colleagues,
we thank you very much for the fruitful collaboration last year. We look forward continuing our work for you and your projects in 2016.
Until then, we wish you relaxing holidays and all the best for the next year.
Your team from RDA
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München, 17.06.2015

Trend Food Chia

More and more often you see them on store shelves: food products  with chia (Salvia hispanica). While their use is common in other countries, the little seeds are booming in Germany only now.
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Munich, 09.09.2014

Enzymes - first opinions are published now

EFSA finished the first assessments of food enzymes already in April this year. The publication of the full opinions followed only in the beginning of September. The reason for this delay is based on open questions regarding how to treat confidential data. The opinions now reveal that EFSA is quite reserved and gives in many chapters only a summarized form of the data and a quite general consent. This will build confidence for future applicants. The assessment itself shows that by filing a conscientiously prepared dossier a positive assessment can be expected.
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München, 28.12.2012

Happy new year!

We wish all of our clients and friends a happy new year!
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Parma, 09.11.2012


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) held a scientific conference in Parma, Italy titled “Challenging boundaries in risk assessment – sharing experiences“. Over 700 scientist discussed the achievements of the last decade and the coming challenges in the field of risk assessment.

Besides members of the EFSA and of further international and national authorities, there have also been plenty of scientists form universities, enterprises and industry organizations.

In the future the risk assessment should be more “fit for purpose” and less like marking a tick box. This means a tiered approach and a differentiated look on the exposure of substances. In addition, risk assessment should be taking more into account the perspectives and consequences for the consumers (“bottom up approach”).
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Brussels, 16.05.2012

Health Claims - EU Register

The first part of the admitted health claims according to article 13 (1) 1924/2006 has now  been included into the Community Register of Health Claims after a long struggle. Also the non-authorised claims are listed one by one with the reasons for rejection. In the beginning of December they will be forbidden at the latest.
However, it will be exciting since it is still completely unclear how it will go on witht the so-called "botanicals".
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Munich, 30.12.2011

Happy new year!

We wish all of our clients and friends a happy new year!

From January 2012 on you get to know us under our new company name:
RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH

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Brussels, 12.11.2011

Approval of new food additives - Reg. 1129/2011 - 1130/2011 - 1131/2011

Steviol glycosides as sweetener and Basic Methacrylate Copolymer as glazing agent admitted.
Additives can be used starting the 2nd December 2011.

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Parma, 04.07.2011

Fifth batch of Health Claims published

On 30 June 2011 EFSA published the fifth batch of opinions on so-called article 13 (2)-claims.

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Parma, 08.04.2011

Fourth batch of Health Claims published

With new opinions concerning 442 health-claims the EFSA tries to reach their aim to assess at least all „general function“ claims this year.
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Parma, 02.02.2011

Revised exposure assessment for stevia

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reviewed its previous assessment of consumer exposure to the sweeteners steviol glycosides.
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Munich, 03.01.2011

AM-NutzenV entries into force

Entry into force of AM-NutzenV on 1 January 2011.
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Munich, 23.12.2010

We wish all of our clients a Merry Christmas!

The m//m science wish all of it´s clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Munich, 22.12.2010

Entry into force of AMNOG on 1 January 2011

The German Act on Reorganization of the Pharmaceutical Market (AMNOG) brings with it new regulations governing reimbursement by the statutory health insurance.

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Munich, 02.12.2010

Health Claims: On 2 December 2010, EFSA organized a stakeholder meeting in Amsterdam, on the focal issues of the immune system and digestion.

A draft for guidelines for scientific substantiation of claims, also including the effectiveness of probiotic products, is to be debated.

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