Would you like to market a food product, legally "put it on the market"?

As the distributor, whether you are the manufacturer, retailer or importer you are responsible for the product being marketed. It must meet all the legal framework conditions as well as usual commercial practice. It also must not mislead the consumer in terms of packaging, presentation and advertising.

We check the marketability of your food:

  • Choosing the right category
  • Composition / recipe
  • Compliance with maximum quantities
  • Labelling: mandatory and voluntary details

The assessment of food safety takes top priority when answering delimitation issues, particularly for pharmaceuticals, medical products, biocidal products and cosmetic products.

Our focus is on the sector of health products, food supplements, dietetic food and functional food. Naturally, we also consult on specific requirements for classic products, for example drinks, dairy products and baked goods.

Do you need a marketability certificate? (certificate of free sale)

Retail is increasingly demanding that you provide a certificate of free sale with your product. We can issue you with this directly through our publically appointed and sworn experts for food chemistry*.
* Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria