München, 17.06.2015

Trend Food Chia

More and more often you see them on store shelves: food products  with chia (Salvia hispanica). While their use is common in other countries, the little seeds are booming in Germany only now. The nutrients they contain are very promising: They contain fibre and up to 20 % of the omega-3-fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, making them interesting for vegetarians and vegans. The oil obtained from Chia seeds must even contain at least 60 % alpha-linolenic acid. Also, in contrast to other seeds chia seeds contain noteworthy amounts of protein.

There is one disadvantage, tough: They represent "Novel Food". While chia seeds and Chia oil have already been authorised, every new putting on the market requires a notification. In addition, so far the seeds may only be processed and marketed in specific food products.

Are you interested in a marketing of chia seeds or chia oil? We support your effort by developing the approval dossier or the notification application. In this context we can rely on years of experience with applications for foodstuffs like novel food or food additives. Just recently we have used this know-how successfully for our chia enthusiastic clients.

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