München, 09.10.2017

Novel Food - Draft of the Union List

The new Novel Food-Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 shall apply from 1 January 2018. Core element will be the Union list with generic authorisations. This is not only valid for new applications but also in a retrospective way for already authorised and notified novel foods.

Actually, a first draft of the Implementing Regulation establishing the Union list of novel foods is available. In more than 100 pages the permitted novel foods are listed. The table is split into two parts. Table 1 contains the novel foods, the conditions of use (i.e. the food categories and maxiumum levels), labelling requirements and other requirments. Table 2 lists the specifications. These are quite heterogenous, e.g. the depth of information with respect to the description of enzymatic processes.
Until the 2nd November 2017 stakeholders are invited to comment the draft. Details are found on the webpage of the Commission (see link).

Draft of the regulation with annex

Link to the Commission