Parma, 08.04.2011

Fourth batch of Health Claims published

Many marketing divisions will be disappointed to hear that most of the applications have not been established once again. The EFSA e.g. does not confirm a cause and effect relationship between the intake of L-lysine, gamma-linolenic acid or catechines in green tea and the normalization of blood LDL-cholesterol level.
It was repeatedly criticized that many health relationships have not been defined sufficiently as in the case of quercetin. It remains to be seen if these statements could be used as reference to general and non-specific benefits.
However, a Health Claim evaluated with favourable outcome  regards to caffeine. The Panel is sure that it contributes to an increase in endurance performance and capacity. Moreover it has been established officially that walnuts improve the endothelium-dependent vasodilation.
The remaining 600 Health Claims are intended to be assessed until June 2011. It is still uncertain what happens to the claims concerning the so called „botanicals“, substances that are mainly important for food supplements and fortified foodstuffs.

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