Novel Food

The term novel food encompasses an extremely heterogenic group of substances, preparations and processes which were not yet “common” within the European Union prior to 15 May 1997.

As varied as the different case groups in the Novel Food Regulation (EC) No. 258/97 are, as divergent are the views as to whether or not a certain food falls within the ambit of the Regulation. The new Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 that applies from 1 January 2018, brings only limited clarity.
In an ideal case, we develop tenable arguments for you which indicate appreciable use prior to 1997 and speak against a classification as novel food. In this respect we regularly prepare expert opinions, especially for our cooperation partner, the law firm Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte.

The Union List of authorised Novel Foods established at the beginning of 2018 facilitates the marketing of Novel Foods and mainly SME profit from the generic authorisations. However, some questions arise with regard to the permitted food categories or the specifications.

If a novel food is to be authorised or notified as a traditional food from Third Countries, we provide support on the basis of our expertise and guide you through the authorisation procedure. We review existing scientific data and prepare a road map for the further procedure. We also assist you in compiling the novel food dossier. Our main focus in this respect is on arriving at pragmatic solutions.