Food supplements

In the meantime the food category of food supplements includes a large variety of products in different forms such as tablets, capsules, powder and liquid sachets. We have observed the developments in this sector since the Directive on Food Supplements 2002/46/EC entered into force. As is the case with fortified foods, the focus lies on an assessment of safety aspects.

We provide guidance throughout the development of food supplements, from the product idea up to realization and the requisite notification to the authorities. We help to clarify how marketable ingredients can be combined in order to produce useful and safe food supplements for specific target groups. In this respect it is essential to take potential nutrition and health claims into account.

We advise you with respect to the importation of existing products into Germany or the European Union. We analyze the composition, in case of imports especially whether the product contains novel food, and revise or draw up labelling and other product information.