Labelling & Advertising


Would you like to use advertising statements, images and information for composition and effects? There is also a legal framework specified for this. Details related to nutritional values and health are restricted by the Health Claim Directive. Since 14 December 2012 only approved health claims can be used, unless the assessment has not been completed yet or the application has been deferred (e.g. caffeine).

However, that does not solve all the problems. Does the wording of the approved health claim have to be adopted word for word or to what extent can you deviate from it? Added to this is mandatory information and nutritional value labelling. So that your product is still exciting we exploit the possibilities for an informative and effective advertising appearance together with you.

Clean Labelling - an option for you?

  •  withour additive
  •  not flavoured
  •  natural
  •  Bio
  •  without genetic technology
  •  gluten- free
  •  low- fat
  •  rich in protein
  •  lactose- free

Food legislation makes several statements possible that if used appropriately allow for delimitation from similar products. We will also check for you whether your product or method of production meets these prerequisites.

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