Food Additives

Food additives perform various technical functions within a food. They enable the production of safe, tasty and attractive foods and help to satisfy the demands of consumers as regards convenience. The Food Improvement Agents Package (FIAP) recently entered into force and will pose new challenges for the food industry over the next few years.

In your capacity as users/processors, the possibility of obtaining authorisation for the substances in your products and the requisite labelling are of pivotal importance. We clarify issues arising after the authorisation of your substances, questions concerning maximum quantities or the admissibility of carry-overs in composite foods.

Are you a manufacturer of additives (also in the area of animal nutrition), flavourings, enzymes or processing aids?

We clarify the status of your products and the necessity of obtaining authorisation. We guide you through the authorisation procedure, clarify unresolved issues, work with you in the stepwise preparation of the application and maintain contact with the authorities.