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Dr. Anne-Marie Orth – State certified food chemist

Dr. Anne-Marie Orth

Anne-Marie Orth PhD - Consultant

Dr. Anne-Marie Orth is a state-certified food chemist and has been a member of the RDA team since 2014.  She advises on all food-specific issues from labelling questions to safety assessments and complex approval procedures.  She regularly lectures and trains on topics from her field of activity.

Dr. Anne-Marie Orth is a state-certified food chemist and has been an expert in the team of RDA Scientific Consultants in Munich since 2014. Since 2018 she has also been an authorised signatory.

After her studies at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, she received her Ph.D. at the Technical University of Munich on the subject of the intake assessment of flavouring substances. Her work within the framework of the EU project FACET was closely linked to the safety assessment of flavouring substances in the context of the Union list in Annex I of Regulation (EC) 1334/2008. She is therefore very familiar with working with international working groups. She then passed her second state examination as a state-certified food chemist (LGL Bavaria).

Her main focus is on advising national and international companies on scientific and food law issues as well as on supporting applications to the European Commission. In addition, she regularly lectures at conferences and leads basic seminars, e.g. on food supplements and food labelling. She also conducts in-house training courses in her areas of activity.