Authorisation proceedings

Human Studies


In the food sector, nutritional studies are gaining more and more importance. Firstly, human studies are mandatory for the permission of health claims regarding specific ingredients or foodstuffs. Furthermore, some special foodstuffs like foods for special medical purposes too require reliable scientific evidence that they are suited  for the dietary management of patients and selected consumer groups.

For such studies, the bar is set very high. This challenge can only faced with the extensive experience otherwise required only for drug approvals. Therefore, we cooperate with a renowned partner from this sector, together with whom we can develop and execute creative study designs.

Dr. Nothgi Contract Research Gmbh is located in Berlin, Germany and performing research on demand. Since 1999, the institute has been conducting clinical studies and trials for (phyto-)pharmaceuticals, generics, medical devices and foodstuffs. Depending on the specific aim of the study/trial, already in the preparatory phase will it search for individual and safe approaches. The staff and service providers strictly adhere to the regulatory guidelines for ensuring the quality and acceptance of the study/trial. Thanks to the cooperation with RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH, you receive a  high-quality and purposeful overall package to obtain authorisations for your product.