Risk assessment

Our work focuses on protecting human health.
The risk assessment based on scientific data is the basis on which decisions are made about the marketability of food. It can and should take place before marketing but may also still be required afterwards in the event of new findings.

We analyse the safety of your products in advance. This ranges from testing the specifications of your ingredients to detailed analysis as part of authorisation proceedings.

Health risks may be caused by a number of materials, for example:

  • Environmental contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals
  • Mould toxins and microbiological pollution
  • Undesirable reaction products such as acrylamide, MCPD
  • Migration from packaging, print inks, melamine
  • Bioactive materials in functional ingredients

Besides the official limits, we consult publications and guidelines from national and international bodies, such as the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) or the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and carry out detailed research of literature, if required. If laboratory analysis is required, we call in our cooperation partners or find a specialist laboratory for you.

A fast reaction is particularly called for with official cases of complaint to avoid any further damage. As the exceeding of legal limits does not always have to lead to being assessed as unsafe food. We critically question the argued facts and compile a second expert opinion, on request. However, in the event of a specific risk or food crisis a withdrawal or recall are the last resort. Even here we support you with statements based on facts, e.g. in your public relations work.